Holiday schedule

As a China-based PCB manufacturer, we will be off duty during China public holidays, which will cause inconvenience and delay to your orders. Therefore, here we present you our 2017 Holiday Calendar, please check and schedule your PCB orders ahead of our holiday seasons.  Hopefully this helps to avoid or at least reduce the inconvenience.

China public holidays 
Holiday                                Date                  Duration

New Year's Day            2016.12.31-2017.1.2   3 days

Spring Festival               2017.1.27-2017.2.2      7 days

Tomb-sweeping Day         2017.4.2-2017.4.4  3 days

Labor Day                      2017.4.29-2017.5.1  3 days

Dragon Boat Festival      2017.5.28-2017.5.30  3 days

National Day               2017.10.1-2017.10.8  7 days